Proper Grading Can Extend The Life Of An Unpaved Driveway Or Road.

Grading is the process of drawing land away from a high spot and filling in a low spot to make the overall slope less drastic. When an unpaved driveway or road isn’t properly graded, water will puddle up causing potholes and other support issues. Through precise measurements and grading, we can help extend the life of any unpaved driveway or roadway by ensuring water is able to run off.

Ridge Paving Can Move Your Existing Driveway Or Install A Brand New One.

Not only is grading good for an unpaved road or driveway, it’s also a crucial part of the process when installing a new driveway or moving an old one. It’s important to make sure there are no high or low spots that will cause problems during the asphalt pouring or cause water to puddle up. We always pay close attention to any grade issues, and will inform our customers as to any problems we see and how to fix them before we pave the driveway.

Benefit From Hiring A Paving Contractor With The Tools To Do The Excavation Work Ourselves.

Many other paving contractors hire out for excavation work. We choose to do all excavation work in-house and pay close attention to the sub-base layer under your driveway. Not only is this more cost effective for our clients, but it allows our experts to ensure quality and structural strength through every layer of your new driveway.

Trust A Three-Generation Family Business With Over Half A Century Of Experience.

Ridge Paving was founded in 1956 and we’ve been doing our own grading and excavation work ever since. We’ve earned a reputation for producing high quality work and have over a half a century of doing business in Westchester and Fairfield Counties to back it up.

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